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Does Avocado Oil Lighten the Skin

A popular ingredient in skincare and cosmetics products. This may be connected to its high content of monounsaturated fats and other nutrients that benefit the skin in a number of ways. On the internet there are conflicting views about how it affects complexion, some say it darkens the skin while others tend to differ. This article will try to answer if it truly lightens the skin or is just another miracle remedy blown out of proportion.

What is Avocado Oil?

A special type of vegetable oil obtained from the flesh of the Avocado fruit. A rich source of antioxidants and monounsaturated fatty acids. Apart from its cooking benefits, it is very useful for the skin. It’s often used in cosmetics and skincare products. Lots of hair products also use it but we’ll be concerned about its skin benefits.

Early researchers are of the opinion that it lightens skin tone and can improve the appearance of wrinkles by making them less visible. Although these studies are still in their infancy stages with limited evidence to confirm these claims and a more elaborated study is required to determine if it is truly an effective skin-lightening oil.

However, from repeated use, there are suggestions that these claims may not be far from the true picture, and no wonder some people regard it as the natural lightener but does avocado do this? We will intimate you of the likely mechanism of the action below.

How It Lightens Skin

This natural lightener is effective in reducing dark spots, age spots, and blemishes, making them less visible. They also improve the tone and texture of the skin and have been linked with a reduced risk of developing skin cancer.

The “Journal of Nutrition” published a study in 2016 that proved women who ate avocados diet daily also noticed a decline in the risk of developing skin cancer when compared to those who abstained from it.

 The researchers associate function with the monounsaturated fatty content in it that helps protect the skin by slowing or halting the growth of skin tumors.

Another study suggests they inhibit the production of melanin which is the pigment that gives the skin the characteristic dark color, thereby causing the skin to lighten.

They are also rich in Ascorbic acid which naturally brightens and evens skin tone.  The antioxidants in it provide protection against factors that cause hyperpigmentation like the free radicals that cause damage to the skin.

The advantages of this healthy snack make it the delight of all those who seek natural ways to lighten their skin and protect themselves from skin tumors with minimal side effects. However, note that it isn’t a miracle worker as it doesn’t lighten the skin overnight; even bleaching creams will take several days to have an effect on the body. Visible changes are noticed after several days and months of using the oil and the results come gradually.

Benefits of Avocado Oil on the Skin:

What does it do to the skin? Here are some of the important benefits of avocado for the skin listed below:

As a nourishing agent

It is rich in minerals, vitamins (A, D, E), and antioxidants which are beneficial to the skin in a number of ways. Massaging on the skin or scalp can help heal damaged skin and hair and resolve inflammatory processes. It also has a rich supply of sterolins and lecithin that protects and nourishes the skin.

A natural moisturizing agent for the skin.

It is one of the natural moisturizers, devoid of harmful chemicals. It is perfect because it gets easily absorbed and doesn’t clog the skin’s hair follicles (pores) or make it greasy and it’s ideal for all skin types.

How to use it as a moisturizer is very easy, it should be gently massaged to an already cleaned skin in a circular fashion to make a facemask.

Reduce wrinkles and scars appearance.

It rejuvenates the skin in a surprising way and can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines in addition to other functions. This is one reason many use it for its anti-aging effects. Just by applying it topically on your skin on a daily basis, you will start seeing results gradually.

Ideal for sensitive skin:

The rich supply of antioxidants is effective in healing flaky, dry, and irritated skin caused by psoriasis and eczema. It is a good product for that troublesome acne-prone, sensitive and dry skin.

Does it make your skin glow?

This is the main reason celebrities snack on avocado toast and use products made of the oil before appearing at red-carpet events. The fruit is known for gifting the skin a natural glow that everyone loves. Does this now mean eating avocados or having the oil applied to your skin will give you that luminous and healthy skin?

Yes! Avocados have lots of nutrients that benefit your skin like potassium, vitamin E, and fatty acids. These nutrients keep skin hydrated, protected from sun damage, and halt inflammatory processes. Additionally, they have carotenoids and antioxidants that improve the complexion of the skin.

For skin tightening

Another key benefit is the ability to tighten skin. Sterolin, a compound seen in it, helps promote collagen production. Collagen is what keeps the skin elastic and firm.

Having an adequate amount of skin collagen makes it look tight and more youthful. It also protects the skin from sunburn and damage.

Antioxidant function:

Antioxidants in this vegetable oil fight and remove free radicals that cause skin damage. As we know sun exposure is the main cause of premature aging and this can be reduced using this oil.

How to use avocados to lighten skin

Mash one-half of the avocado then apply to your face. The mask should be kept intact on your face for 10-15 minutes, and rinse off using warm water. Do this treatment repeatedly once or twice per day to have the best results which are not instant but become visible after some time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Avocado Oil

 Does it clear skin?

It is able to do this by moisturizing the skin and reducing inflammation thereby removing age spots, dark spots, and blemishes.

Does avocado clear dark spots?

 The avocado’s antioxidants are effective in making dark spots disappear, maintaining the elasticity of the skin, and keeping it hydrated. The mash can be applied directly to the affected areas or mixed with some other ingredients in the form of a face mask.

Does avocado make your face smooth?

For this reason, Avocado is nicknamed “beauty fruit”. The topical application can give you a smoother and lighter complexion.

Can it treat acne?

Yes, it treats acne and many other skin conditions.

Is Avocado a bleaching agent?

There are lots of discussions on the internet space asking if it is a bleaching agent or not. Some even say the high acid in it can bleach the skin. There is however no evidence supporting this claim.

Much of its skin lighting ability is due to its moisturizing and antioxidant effect. Additionally, the extract of Avocado seeds contains catechin which is a potential skin-lightening agent that acts by inhibiting the tyrosinase enzyme. This enzyme if left unchecked can cause excess melanin production which is the dark pigment of the skin.

Why does avocado burn my face?

It might burn your face for different reasons. Its high acid content can cause skin irritation and burn your face. Also, person, a compound in avocado can also irritate the skin and the oil can make your skin more prone to sunburn.

If you have a facial burn using it, rinsing your face with cold water and applying a topical moisturizer should help relieve symptoms but if they persist, see a dermatologist.

How do you make avocado oil for your face?

 It is naturally derived from avocado; a powerful oil that is rich in fatty acids and vitamin E. Making it for the face is quite easy; cut it in half and remove the pit. Then scoop out the flesh and put it in a food processor or blender.

 Add a tablespoon of coconut or olive oil and blend till it becomes smooth. The mixture can be stored in the fridge using a glass jar for up to 7 days and used on the face.

 How to make avocado oil for skin whitening

Different methods exist on how to use avocado to lighten skin. Some of the popular methods are outlined below:

1.       Using it to make a face mask.

This is similar to what we described above, make a mash of avocado by cutting it in half and apply directly to the skin. Allow for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

2.       Mix with Honey

Two tablespoons of pure honey are mixed with the oil then applied to the skin and left for 15 minutes before rinsing off.

Side Effects Of Avocado Oil On Skin

A few individuals have reported adverse effects while using them. Some of the unwanted effects are described further below

1.       allergic reaction

2.       Brown skin patches

3.       Increase in breakouts and acne

4.       It can cause the skin to be more sensitive to the sun

Overall,  when used in moderation it appears to be very safe and effective in lightening the skin and clearing age spots.


Avocado is indeed a great way for skin lightening which you can use at home. In addition, it protects the skin from the harsh damage caused by environmental factors like the sun. This article did a great deal in highlighting the various benefits of this miraculous oil, so feel free to use it to your advantage.

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