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Habetong Aloe Vera Gel Review: Ingredients, Benefits, How to Use, Cost and Side effect.

 This is a concise review of the Habetong Aloe Vera Gel skin care product specially formulated for soothing and moisturizing sunburn. It is a type of moisturizer that comes in gel form and can be used on the face or body. It contains 99% Aloe Vera and we already know the many benefits of this wonder plant.

Habetong Aloe Vera Gel

The Aloe vera plant is widely used in Agriculture and medicine meaning every product made from it comes with lots of prospects. Bear in mind that it has the ability to wade off sunburn bacteria, remove dead skin cells, and take care of sunburns and it’s replicated in this product because a great portion of its ingredients come from the plant.

Our review will cover as much ground as possible; we will consider the ingredients, benefits, product lines, cost, and side effects.

Which brands make these skin care products?

It is manufactured by Shantou Bomei, the same company that also makes Talcum Body Powder for Babies, Conditioner Hair sets, and Aloe Vera Set Shampoo.

Which skin types can use it?

It can be used in all skin types; dry, normal, combination and sensitive types can comfortably use this magical skin care product. The good thing about it is that it is good for all people regardless of skin.


1.       Aloe vera extract:

The Gel from this plant is one of the wonders of the world, useful for wound healing, sunburn, and other skin conditions. The high potency and concentration of Aloe Habetong skin products are what make it a must-have for those who are skin health enthusiasts.

It is known to keep the skin well-hydrated and clear it of dark spots and blemishes. Habetong Soothing and Moisturizing Gel is an effective moisturizer because it has large amounts of aloe vera in it. It has very low toxicity and a good safety profile that is very compatible with different skin types.

2.       Hyaluronic Acid

A number of benefits are known for products that contain HLA and I highly recommend you look out for this ingredient next time you shop for cosmetics. It ensures optimum hydration in creams, lotions, and face washes.

Users of these products are guaranteed all-day hydration after using them. It does this by being able to penetrate the skin and cause water to bind to the cells, rejuvenating moisture on all of its layers.

It is a powerful humectant that attracts water. It acts more like a sponge that lets water sip in and the makers of this moisturizing gel deemed it necessary to utilize these benefits to achieve better hydration. It also causes the lipid barrier to improve upholding the protective role of the skin. This also makes the skin more resilient to external factors and infectious agents.

It can prevent saggy skin by making your tone tighter. It can also help enhance your facial contours making you appear younger. Am sure our senior citizens will like Habetong gel for this role. It can make your skin texture very smooth and make wrinkles and fine lines less visible, those in the aging group will particularly love it for this.

It also helps with skin regeneration giving you a more youthful appeal. This also resolves pigmentation problems and age spots. HLA when combined with vitamin C serum and booster gets the best of its anti-aging function. HLA also prevents too much oil that clogs the skin pores and causes breakouts.

3.       Glycerin

This is another humectant that increases the water-retaining ability of the integument, increasing hydration and refreshing your it by eliminating dry skin. It also softens it by acting as an emollient. Glycerin-based products are safe to use on the face and skin on daily basis.

4.       Butylene Glycol

Also acts as both humectant and emollient, adding more water to it, causing it to retain more moisture by maintaining the integrity of the skin barrier, and as an effective emollient, it improves texture. It is also called a conditioning agent because of its ability to make the skin softer. It also does this on the hair.

It is an effective solvent that hydrates and reduces skin-viscosity and helps to treat acne. Some antimicrobial properties have also been linked to Butylene Glycol and it’s also known to boost the effectiveness of the product’s preservatives.

5.       Water

This is an effective moisturizing ingredient contained in Habetong Aloe Vera Gel Soothing and Moisturizing Sun burn product. It causes increased skin absorption and regulates moisture and other ingredients contained in the skin care cream or lotion.


This product has many roles it plays in keeping the skin moisturized, healthy, and protected from sunburn, below are some of the benefits:

1.       It can pamper and soothe your face or skin.

2.       Minor burns from hot utensils, grease splatter, and kitchen mishaps can be successfully handled using this product.

3.       When mixed with Vitamin E, it can handle scalds and more complicated burns.

4.       It can take care of blue and black bruises.

5.       It has the cooling effect of menthol and the ability to provide soothing relief for sunburns.

6.       Stings from insect bites can be successfully taken care of using Habetong Aloe Gel.

7.       Resolves tissue damage caused by frostbite

8.       Takes care of rashes

9.       Able to handle herpes outbreaks. It can take care of warts.

10.   Can offer quick relief for blisters and can serve as an antidote for skin allergies.

11.   A very gentle moisturizer for dry skin.

12.   Prevents pimples and treats acne.

13.   Provides perfect soothing in psoriasis.

14.   Can make scars and stretch marks less visible.

15.   It has anti-aging functions, removes wrinkles, and reverses aging skin.

How to use Habetong Aloe Gel

It is quite easy to use for your skincare benefits, for taking care of sunburns, and for moisturizing, the skin experts highly recommend using products with 99-100% aloe vera and that is what makes this product very unique and effective. Also how to use it on your face at night or during the day is pretty similar to using it on other parts of the body.

I have provided how to use this Aloe gel moisturizer effectively for sunburn and various other skin conditions below: 

1.       Start by washing your face, skin, or any part you wish to apply.

2.       Put a good portion on your palm enough to take care of your skin.

3.       Then gently apply or massage your face or skin.  This when applied serves as a sunscreen protecting you from harsh damages occasioned by ultraviolet rays from the sun.

It is advisable to do a small patch test of the product on your body before generously applying it to a wider area; this eliminates every possibility of allergy to the product. While raw aloe vera can be consumed, those containing Habetong gels are not to be taken orally, only apply to the affected areas of topically or on areas with too much sun exposure to protect you from sunburns.


On Amazon, a 260ml of product costs around AED 15 (the equivalent of 4.08 Us dollars) while in Nigeria local stores like Jumia, Konga, and Yaoota sells it between N1800-2000.

Side effects

Some persons might experience some unwanted effects while using the product, some may be mild and shouldn’t be a reason to worry while others will mean you stay away from the product or similar products for life. As is commonly known that there is no product without some unwanted effects no matter how little.

1.       Some people experience skin discomfort after applying the product, this can be a burning or tingling sensation on the skin. This is commoner in individuals with sensitive or dry skin.

2.       Other allergic reactions similar to the one described above.

3.       Rashes

4.       Hives

5.       Fever


This product is one of the best moisturizers available in the cosmetics market. We have done a concise Habetong Aloe Gel Review highlighting its many benefits and a few side effects which some have associated with the use of the product.

With its ingredients that have many benefits to the skin, introducing this product to your daily skincare routine is a decision that will change your skin outlook in many ways and will leave you happy having achieved a healthier and more radiant glow.

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