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Topicrem Cica Soothing Cream Review

This soothing cream is perfect for everyone and can be used on babies, children, and adults who are desirous of skin that is well-soothed and protected. This article covers the Topicrem Cica cream review and will be the best piece you have at your disposal regarding this product.

We’ll look into the uses, benefits, ingredients, how to use it on skin and face, product lines, cost, and possible side effects if any, and how to manage them.


So many qualities make this product stand out in the market; provides rapid soothing and repair for the skin. It can provide up to 24 hours of skin hydration giving it a non-greasy texture. 

Topicrem Cica Soothing Cream Review

It is easy to apply and absorbs fast. It is comfortable for all skin types, those with sensitive skin can use it since it lacks fragrance and usually will not trigger unwanted effects. It is a protective moisturizer with a wide range of ingredients that helps comfort and soothes compromised skin barriers occasioned by irritants.

Dermatologists say this product has been widely tested in pediatrics and gynecology and found to be very safe and effective.

Which brands make this skin care product?

It is manufactured by Topicrem which is part of Mayoly Spindler Pharmaceutical laboratory. They have been in business across Europe since 1909.

Which skin types can use it?

A go-to beauty care product for all skin types; those with dry sensitive skin can use it. It can be used in babies and adults. It is a type of essential body milk that moisturizes and leaves a fine glow without lightening so can be used in those with dark individuals. It is one of the best creams for dark-skinned Nigerians. It doesn’t lighten. 

Can I use Topicrem on my face?

Its MELA range can make the complexion more uniform by making dark spots less visible. It can be used on the face and whole body regardless of skin type.

Unique features of Topicream: Pros

1.   It is transparent with a non-sticky creamy texture.

2.   Best remedy for hypersensitivity, irritated skin, and compromised skin barrier.

3.   Can be applied twice daily on clean dry skin.

4.   Can be used by people of all ages, newborns, babies, and children can use it.

5.   Ideal for all skin types.

6.   Deep hydration and soothes irritated skin.

7.   Devoid of fragrance and parabens.


1.   Zinc 2.   Copper 3.   Manganese Gluconates 4.   Bisabolol 5.   Aqua 6.   Paraffinum Liquidum (Mineral Oil) 7.   Glycerin
8.   Cetearyl Ethyhexanoate 9.   Urea 10. Palmitic Acid
11. Squalene 12. Stearic Acid 13. Beeswax (Cera Alba) 14. Glyceryl Stearate 15. PEG-100 16. Stearyl Behenate 17. Stearyl Stearate 18. Polyacrylamide 19. Isopropyl Myristate 20. Myristyl Stearate 21. Sodium Methylparaben 
22. C13-14 Isoparaffin 


Does it have hydroquinone?

No, Topicrem doesn’t have hydroquinone.

We all know why we don’t want hydroquinone in our skin care products, that’s because it bleaches skin by causing depletion of melanocytes ultimately causing decreased melanin production. 

Benefits/ What is Topicrem Cica for?

Below are some of the popular topicrem cica soothing cream uses and benefits.

1.   It is rich in Amino Acid that helps strengthen the defense system, skin hydration, appearance, and resilience.

Using Topicreme Cica can help remove free radicals that cause your skin to age fast. 

2.   A good source of Beta Carotene:

Beta carotenes are antioxidants that confer protection for the skin against the effects of ultra-violent radiations of the sun. It also gives your skin a healthier appearance. 

3.   Contains important phytochemicals that help slow signs of aging by eliminating super oxygen species and free radicals and maintaining skin water balance.

These phytochemicals also prevent DNA damage which is the main factor that leads to cancers.

4.   Has antioxidant functions:

Topicreme contains powerful antioxidants that combat inflammatory diseases and make you ageless. If you are particular about looking younger then you should try using this soothing cream.

5.   Antibacterial

It also acts as an antibiotic that helps keep infectious microorganisms at bay.

6.   Anti-inflammatory

It provides soothing relief for inflammatory skin conditions like rashes, dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema poison oak, ivy, etc. It down-regulates the factors that trigger inflammatory processes in the skin.

7.   Formation of collagen

Using this Soothing cream will enhance collagen synthesis, strengthen the skin barrier, and skin that is firm and more resistant to infections.

8. Strengthens skin barrier:

This is similar to the role played by the formation of collagen, it maintains the integrity of the skin barrier helping it retain more water and a more supple appeal.

9. It is a good anti-aging product 

10. Topicreme Cica soothing cream is an effective remedy for psoriasis.

11. Cica is a go-to remedy for Eczema

12. Resolves dryness by retaining moisture keeping you hydrated all day.

13.       It heals skin irritation: It provides soothing for irritated skin leaving you with rejuvenated skin. 

How to use/ when to apply a soothing cream

Apply generously after cleaning and drying the affected part. Areas with sores, diaper rash, cracks, and other skin conditions can be safely managed using topicrem soothing cream. Massaging on the affected area allows for better absorption and optimum effect.

 Cost/ Price:

Topicrem Cica- Soothing Cream 100ml is available on Jumia and Konga for N13000, this is the price in Nigeria. On Amazon, it is sold for $23. A 100ml container of this product is available at Walmart for $38.58. The product also comes in smaller containers for a lesser price, for example, a 40ml container can be gotten for $7-13.90.

Product Lines:

A. Topicrem face cream

1.   Rich Ultra Moisturizing Radiance Cream.

2.   Ad Emollient Balm

3.   Cica Soothing cream

4.   Light Ultra Moisturizing Cream.

5.   Rich Ultra-Moisturizing Radiance Cream.

6.   AC Compensating Moisturizing Cream

7.   Redensifying Fluid

8.   Mela Corrective Day Cream

9.   Mela Corrective Night Cream

10. Soothing fluid

11.  Rich Soothing cream

12. Light Soothing Cream

13. AHGlobal Anti-aging Cream

14.HYDRA+ Protective Day Cream SPF50

B. Topicrem sunscreen

C.  Topicrem Body Cream

1.   Cica Concentrated Oil Stretch Marks and Scars.

2.   Duo Ultra Moisturizing Body

3.   Ultra Moisturizing Body Milk

4.   Ad Emollient Body Balm

5.   Ad Ultra-rich Cleansing Gel

6.   MELA Lightning Ultra- Moisturizing Milk

7.   Ultra-Moisturing Progressive Tan

8.   Ultra Moisturizing Sparkling Body

9.   Ultra-Moisturing Body Milk

10.  Ultra-Moisturizing Shower Gel

11.  Body Milk

12.  Anti-Calluses Foot Cream

13.  Emollient Oil

14.  PHGentle Milk Shampoo

15. 2-in-1 cleansing gel

16.  Anti-Roughness Smoothing Cream.

17.  DA Baume Emollient18. Ultra-Moisturing Pearly Body.

Side effects (Cons)

1.   Allergy: There are a few reported cases of allergy with the use of Topicrem Cica. It is advisable to try the product on a smaller patch of skin before using it generously all over your body.


We have successfully done a Topicreme Cica Soothing cream review highlighting its 13 skin benefits, ingredients, and possible side effects. We hope you have healthier skin.

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