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Kuu Spa Body Scrub Review: Complete Guide for Buyers

This review is for intending buyers; it will intimate you with all you need to know before making a purchase. Pampering your body with one of your favorite body scrubs is something you need to add to your daily itineraries. So you need to know which product will give the best results at pocket-friendly rates and with minimal or no unwanted effects.

Kuu spa salt body scrub review

This review will answer questions on the ingredients, benefits, and how to use turmeric salt scrub to achieve healthier skin. It is made with fine-grained Tumeric salt blended with natural extracts that are very effective in lightening complexion making it appear silky, fresh, and smooth.

If you are battling facial acne and some sort of rashes, giving Kuu body scrub a try will leave your future self thankful, as it ideally takes care of this and many other skin issues. A lot of the Kuu scrub reviews I came across before this time, testified how well it took care of dark skin in different parts of the body like the underarms, abdomen, etc.

 At first, I doubted the efficacy as most products with bogus reviews didn’t live up to the hype. I personally tested the product and realized Kuu Spa turmeric Salt Scrub had this magic touch on the skin, it made my skin firm and fresh after a few days of use.

It is so many things for skincare enthusiasts, a body bath and scrub, an exfoliator, and peels for dull skin.


This scrub is well-scented with natural herbs and some rich ingredients that make them thick. It is composed of 100% salt and other ingredients mentioned below:

1. Milk Powder

2. Vitamin E

3. AHA

4. Sodium Laureth sulfate

5. Citric acid

6. Water

7. Perfume

8. Cocamide DEA


This body scrub has some amazing benefits that make customers of cosmetics run heads over hills for it. Some of the benefits will be discussed in the next few lines but first, let’s answer some pertinent questions.

Is spa salt good for the skin?

It is very good on the skin, and with its proven antibacterial qualities, it removes bacteria from the skin and prevents itchiness that may result from bacteria colonizing the skin. It also removes dead cells and dirt from the skin. It is therefore the perfect scrub for your skin.

Is Kuu Spa salt scrub good for the face?

Can I use a salt scrub on my face?

It has rich ingredients that make it good for facial use. The combined action makes the skin on your face look fresh and smooth like silk. It also eliminates acne, worrisome body rashes, and dark spots. With these questions already answered, let’s look further into more benefits of this Tumeric salt body scrub brand.

1. It resolves inflammatory conditions of the skin.

These salts contain a good amount of minerals that combat inflammation which is the major pathophysiology in a number of skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, acne, etc.

2. Kuu Salts replenish and rejuvenates skin

When these salts are mixed with oil for scrub treatments, they help remove and replenish already tired and dry skin leaving you with superb, smooth, and fresh skin. Having a Kuu spa body scrub bath might help give your skin a fresh start.

3. It removes dead skin cells (Exfoliation)

If left without treatment dead skin cells will give you stiff and crusty skin but thanks to Kuu Spa which helps remove these dead cells speedily. Exfoliation occurs due to friction between the skin and the salt in Kuu.They reveal supple and very soft skin by removing flaky, dry, and dead skin.

4. Removes bacteria

As part of its role as an exfoliator, it removes bacteria colonies on the skin leaving your skin that is infection-free and almost flawless. Also, the itching and rashes that come with these infections are taken care of.

5. Unclogs Skin Pores

When dead cells and bacteria accumulate on the skin, they clog skin pores and cause many skin problems. Different product lines of Kuu Spa body scrub are very effective in unclogging skin pores and making them better.

6. Makes your skin super attractive:

By exfoliating, removing dead cells, and bacteria, and unclogging skin pores; these body scrubs give you skin that is super attractive, to the eyes of onlookers. The ability to cause skin regeneration leaves users with new skin that is fresh and silky smooth at all times. 

After the scrub, you’re guaranteed rosy, attractive, and fresh skin devoid of bacteria colonies. You’d also discover you look way younger than you were before the procedure like the good old days sweet sixteen tender skin. This means this Kuu Tumeric salt scrub has some anti-aging functions.

7. It removes dark spot

Using this product is one of the easiest and most effective ways to get rid of dark spots on your skin regardless of where they are found.  It can remove dark spots in the groin, abdomen, armpits, knees, knuckles, and other areas. This gives you a more even tone that is devoid of dark spots and blemishes.

8. Increase skin blood flow:

Using or getting a Kuu salt scrub improves the circulation of blood and body fluid on your skin. By so doing your skin gets a rich supply of blood, oxygen, and nutrients and this translates to better skin from improved perfusion. Poor skin perfusion can cause a lot of problems for you and this can be prevented by having a good massage using any of our amazing Kuu scrubs.

9. Can be used as soap

A lot of what you read out there markets the product as body scrub only but what you don’t know is that you can use it as your regular soap and have the same benefits.

10. Improves aging and cellulite 

Cellulite-prone skin can be improved by using this scrub. Also, its effect on aging has been buttressed above and deserves mentioning. It can help you look younger even as you age by causing exfoliation and regeneration of new skin cells.

11. Helps you relax:

Having this salt scrub done on you by a professional massage therapist is a good way to relax. It helps you get all the benefits without stressing yourself. When missed with essential oils like lavender, you end up getting even better results.

12. Whitens skin:

It cleanses the skin, eliminates black spots, and can leave your skin whiter and brighter. Note that Kuu body scrub doesn’t bleach the skin.

With all that has been said so far, the importance of Kuu spa salt can’t be overemphasized and all of its products are quite good, so it will be difficult to say which of them is best; bearing this in mind we’ll still try our best to recommend one we think works best for the majority of users in the concluding part of this article.

How do you use turmeric salt scrub?

1. Use warm water in the shower to wet your skin then apply the turmeric salt scrub.

2. With a washcloth, apply it to your skin using a circular motion pattern. The salts are great for exfoliation and are rich in vitamin E which is a natural moisturizer. Tumeric powder’s anti-inflammatory properties help soothe skin.

3. Use warm water to rinse off the scrub then pat dry gently using a towel.

4. Finish by applying your favorite skin moisturizer to help seal and lock in the moisture.

5. You can mix Kuu Spa salt scrub with essential oils to have additional benefits. Your massage therapist may be the one to perform these rituals for you if they are the ones performing the body scrub for you using Kuu.

Which kuu spa salt scrub is the best?

So many product lines are available, each rich with many skin benefits and leaving us with the question of which is the best body scrub from kuu.

Below are some of the product lines:

  1. Kuu Spa Salt Scrub Bath Milk
  2. Kuu Spa Aroma Bath Salt Scrub-rose
  3. Kuu Spa Aroma Bath Salt Scrub-Mineral
  4. Biowoman Kuu Spa Salt Scrub bath tamarind
  5. Biowoman Kuu Spa Salt Scrub Aroma Bath Acne Milk

There is something good to say about each of the product lines above and highly recommended for all.

We however identify KUU SPA Salt Scrub Bath Rose Milk as the best; it effectively treats dark spots in different parts of the body like Knuckles and Knees and removes dull & scaly skin after a few days of use.

It also has special properties that make the difference like having special granulated salt and a wide range of natural extracts.

 A treat with it leaves whitened and clean skin that is as smooth as silk, less acne, body rashes, and dark spots regardless of the site of occurrence.

The side effects of kuu spa salt scrub

We can’t deny the fact that body scrubbing and baths, especially with Kuu spa salt body salt, have a lot to offer for skin but then we don’t want to overdo it as excess scrubbing and too much rubbing and exfoliating can be deleterious to skin.

So, the frequency and choice to undertake it should be subject to meticulous selection, there is, therefore, a need to consider the side effect carefully before imbibing the habit into your daily routine. Some common side effects of Kuu spa scrub are described below.

1. Harmful to sensitive skin, 

Individuals who have sensitive skin may deteriorate further due to the mineral oils, chemicals, and synthetics in these products that can worsen their already sensitive skin.

2. Can burn the skin in cuts and bruises

 If you have bruises or cuts you should avoid Kuu scrub and any other scrub as it can aggravate the condition and cause burns on your skin.

3. Can destroy the protective skin barrier:

The epidermis which is the topmost skin layer serves as a protective barrier; scrubbing too much will disrupt the epidermis and render skin sensitive to Ultraviolet rays that tan the skin, causing rashes, and worrisome sunburns. 

3. The creams in Kuu scrubs can clog pores, infect hair follicles (folliculitis) and lead to whiteheads if done overzealously.

4. Scrubbing dry and flaky skin can alter skin function and worsen skin sensitivity.

5. It may cause post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, making blemishes to be darker and worse. 


 We have carefully highlighted the Kuu Spa salt body scrub review and answered useful questions on the subject. While we can’t ignore the benefits, the procedure shouldn’t be done too much to avoid adverse effects. To have the best results limit body scrubbing to once in a week or once in 15 days. More often than this may cause some skin issues.

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