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Side Effects of Kuu Spa Salt Scrub: Dangerous Unwanted Skin Effects that you Should Know

Kuu spa salt scrub treatment is very popular and lots of people enjoy it. Regardless of the skin benefits, there are some well-known potential side effects of Kuu Spa Salt scrub which everyone deserves to know in time before applying it to their skin

 The side effect of Kuu Spa Body Scrub

Some of these side effects can be mild irritation and redness of the skin and sometimes can be severe and worrisome. We do know that salt scrubs are great for cleansing and exfoliating skin, but the side effects are what many are ignorant of.

Side effect of Kuu Spa Salt Scrub

Before using a product like Kuu Spa Salt Scrub, you should read articles like this that explains all the unwanted effect of the product and know if it soothes your skin or if the benefits out ways the risk.

A lot of body scrubs are on the market and some can predispose you to excess dryness and skin peeling. Is Kuu Spa Scrub one such type? Well, we’ll answer that question below.

Articles like this are sources of clearing your doubts on products but make sure to review the information you get online with your doctor where you have doubts. Lets us start by intimating you with some details about Kuu Spa Body Scrub.

Key Features of Kuu Spa Body scrub

It is an organic body scrub that makes use of bamboo, salt, and rice bran, it exfoliates and nourishes the skin. Rice bran is rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Bamboo is anti-inflammatory and improves circulation.

These bodies scrub vegan and gluten-free, so individuals prone to allergies or sensitivities can comfortably use them. Kuu leaves the skin feeling very smooth, soft, and well-hydrated.

Does Body Scrub have side effects?

Yes, body scrubs generally have side effects and many factors are involved like ingredients contained in the scrub and the individual’s skin type, and the ease of developing allergies.

 Regardless of the well-known benefits of body scrubbing, which effectively improves skin texture by removing dead damaged skin cells, some persons experience an irritating sensation or skin drying on usage.

 The usual advice is a patch test before using any new body scrub generously to minimize the risk of sensitivities to the ingredients in it.

What are the disadvantages of body scrubs?

Few disadvantages apply to using any body scrub generally. Most scrubs can be expensive for well-known brands which are usually more effective.

The right amount is required to have desired results, too much or too little will cause problems or render it ineffective.

It can mess your skin up by leaving it wet and slippery, which can make you slip in the shower or bath.

The other disadvantages of body scrubs will fall in the same category as the side effects of Kuu Spa Salt Scrub which we’ll describe below.

Some Harmful effects of Kuu Spa Salt Body Scrub (Side effects)

1. It can be too harsh on the skin precipitating irritation and skin dryness and sometimes damaging the surface of the skin.

2. Over-exfoliation with Kuu body scrub can make your skin pores more visible and put you at risk of developing acne.

3. Some persons might experience redness of the skin with this product.

4. Using this body scrub in some persons can cause swelling and hives.

5. Kuu Spa salt face scrub on rare occasions can cause skin damage and burns, especially when used on bruised skin.

6. Too much scrubbing can destroy the protective layer of the skin called the epidermis, whose work is to form a skin protective barrier.

7. Too much scrubbing and exfoliation can make your skin prone to the harsh ultraviolet rays from the sun.

8. Using scrubs too often can tan your skin, and cause rashes and sunburns.

9. It can block skin pores and lead to folliculitis (hair follicle infections) and whiteheads.

10. Scrubbing dry flaky skin will make the skin more sensitive by destroying the skin barrier.

11. It can darken blemishes by causing post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

How to minimize the side effects of Kuu Body scrub

We now know unwanted effects are unavoidable in some individuals while using the product, so it is right to take steps to minimize and eliminate these side effects. Below are some ways to achieve that.

1.       Patch test

Dermatologists advise that before you apply any product to your skin, you should test it on a small area to determine if it soothes your skin or put you at risk of sensitivities.

Where it blends poorly or causes some irritations, the advice is to stay off the product.

2.       How often do you apply it:

Ideally, you should apply it once a week or once in two weeks, doing it too often will lead to many of the problems we described above. Note that doing it too often won’t give you better results.

3.       Check the ingredients:

If you’ve used similar products or react to products with similar ingredients then it is wise to avoid using them. Chances are that you will also react to Kuu Spa salt scrub if you had funny experiences with some products alike.

We do know, that it isn’t certain you will react to all the products that contain similar ingredients; if you must try it do some using the patch test method described above to avoid stories that touch.


This product has many benefits as described in our article on the Kuu spa body scrub review. Irrespective of the well-known benefits, it is important to know the side effect of the Kuu Spa Salt Scrub we described above.  Always read reviews and consult a medical doctor before applying any new product to your skin, and follow the instructions from the manufacturer and dermatologists carefully.

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