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Cetaphil Face Wash Review: Ingredients, Types, Benefits, product lines, and Side effects

 These products are specially formulated cleansers that work on the face to remove makeup, dirt, impurities, and excess oil without causing too much skin dryness.

How good is it?

This face cleanser earned a 5-star rating amongst many users on Amazon, It is ideal for different skin types especially those with oily skin.

Cetaphil face wash

It cleans well, removes grease, and makes the skin soft, just the way you’d love it. Other products will clean just like this but the major drawback is their ability to cause too much dryness which isn’t peculiar with Cetaphil cleansers.

It does well in preventing acne, those who have acne-prone skin will be delighted to use this product. It isn’t an acne-healing formulation but does well to prevent acne by removing impurities, dirt, and too much oil giving you balanced and cleaner skin.

This review will consider so many of the characteristics that make it top among facial cleansers and face wash products.

Does it burn?

The products are made for all skin types be it combination, dry, normal, or oil, and efforts are put in to make it gentle and comfortable for these skin types with less irritation. Using this it ideally shouldn’t burn except in a few individuals who might experience irritation or burns. This may be due to an altered normal skin acidic PH. Those who experience this side effect may benefit from staying away from it since it’s not compatible.

Is it a gentle skin cleanser?

You can apply this to your face every day as it is a gentle cleanser that can remove oil, dirt, and impurities from your face. Those with sensitive skin can use this gentle formula for daily cleansing without problems.

A good wash that does more than clean the skin, it goes a further step to keep your skin hydrated by offering protection against dryness and is gentle on both skin and the body. It can be used as a total body cleanser and not just for the face.

What skin types is it used for?

1.    Combination

2.    Normal

3.    Dry

4.    Oily


1.    Foaming

This type produces foam, it neither irritates nor dries out the skin. It has positive reviews from users who use it on their skin. It is the best type of facewash for people with acne-prone or oily skin. This foaming cleanser removes dirt and oil.

It hydrates the skin in a gentle fashion. It is non-comedogenic, doesn’t block skin pores, and maintains a natural skin barrier.

The product line is foamy, just a small amount will be enough for removing makeup and oil from your face. A 125ml bottle can last as long as four months. It differs from other cleansing products from this brand in being able to produce foam.

To use it, you only need to massage its foam onto damp skin, allow for a while and rinse it off. After use, it gives a very soft feeling to the face and makes you stay fresh all day.

The major shortfall is the tendency to cause irritation and too much dryness by altering the skin PH making it more alkaline. It can also remove excess skin oils preventing it from moisturizing itself and making it appear dull.

2.    Exfoliating

The Extra Gentle Daily Scrub and the Exfoliating Face Wash are two of the Galderma face cleansing products with the ability to exfoliate the skin and face. It causes gentle skin exfoliation and cleansing for all skin types. Also, those with sensitive skin can use it, due to its hypoallergenic nature.

It neither irritates nor over-dry the skin and can be used every day to achieve the ideal look on your face. Its exfoliating power can leave your face glowing and soft like a baby.

3.    Makeup removers

The brand has a gentle makeup remover devoid of oil, specially formulated using botanicals. It is able to remove long-wear waterproof makeup from the face. It is made with aloe vera, green tea, and ginseng botanicals that soothe and condition the skin.

Can even clean and remove oil residues in areas surrounding the eye. With this product, you can remove the most stubborn makeup without leaving greasy residues.

It is very good for sensitive skin and well known for handling dryness, roughness, irritation, weak skin barrier, and tightness. To get the best value, users are advised to use it together with a Cetaphil moisturizer to ensure adequate hydration while getting the best from this exfoliating facial cleanser.

4.    Wipes

These wipes are gentle to use and work for all types of skin; oily, dry, or combination skin, can use it. They have a strong scent and won’t clog pores. They can be used daily to wipe the face and achieve cleaner skin.

5.    Non-foaming:

Cetaphil’s Gentle and Non Clarifying face washes are two of this brand’s nonfoaming products for the face. Just like others they clean and remove impurities and oil from the face without producing foam. It is creamy and ideal for daily cleaning of all types of skin. It offers deeper cleansing unlike the foaming types but may irritate the skin more unlike the others.


1.    Avocado oil

2.    Aloe vera

3.    Bisabolol

4.    Glycerin

5.    Ceramides

6.    Hyaluronic acid

7.    Panthenol

8.    Niacinamide

9.    Shea butter

10.  Tocopherol

11.  Sweet almond oil

12.  Urea cream

13.  urea

Benefits of Cetaphil Facial Wash

1.    for oily skin

It provides perfect cleansing for acne-prone oily skin. It has a foaming action that is gentle but removes dirt, oil, and makeup without predisposing it to dryness. It doesn’t leave residues and can be rinsed off easily. It is also good for those with pimple-prone skin, and sensitive and combination skin.

2.    A solution for acne, acne-prone skin, and blemishes.

The clarifying acne cream is formulated to deeply clean, smooth, and clear breakouts in people who have sensitive and acne-prone skin. This lightweight gel is able to clear acne and blemishes.

Pimples may try to steal your shine but with this gentle clear clarifying acne cream face cleanser you can say goodbye to it, just dampen your skin and massage it to have the best results.

3.    for dry skin

Those who have dry skin can use this product to remove dirt, impurities, and makeup from their face. It is very good for the face as it cleanses with less irritation leaving the skin smooth and soft.

4.    for sensitive skin

It has a unique formulation that keeps the skin barrier intact preventing and managing the 5 characteristics of sensitive skin. Individuals with the most sensitive skin can use it.

It’s a soap-free formula that lathers little can be rinsed off easily and makes skin soft and smooth. It has similar efficacy for sensitive skin just like Sebamed, Neutrogena, Body shop tea, Innisfree Olive real cleansing foam, Kaya sensitive cleanser for the face, Kiehl ultra facial, and Clinique liquid facial soap.

5.    Antibacterial

It combines cleansing and antibacterial action for sensitive and dry skin, getting rid of various irritants and infecting agents. The Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Antibacterial Bar is specially made for this purpose. Its antibiotic ingredients remove sweat, bacteria, and oil without causing dryness.

The product also has some antifungal properties, by containing cetyl alcohol and propylene glycol it is able to handle fungal skin conditions like jock itch.

6.    for combination skin

Daily facial cleanser is soap-free and ideal for combinations and other skin types. It can help handle excess oil without making your body surface dry.

7.    All skin types

Whether you have normal, combination, dry or sensitive skin, this face wash from Galderma is perfect for you and can offer you adequate cleansing with softer and smoother skin.

8.    normal skin

By using this brand for daily cleansing you can be sure of cleaner and smoother skin or face.

9.    For lice

Dr. Pearlman Dale, a California dermatologist says the gentle skin cleanser is very effective for suffocating lice. It will smother lice and remove them from your hair and skin.

10.  Breakout

It clears breakouts without overdrying the skin. It also unclogs blocked skin pores reducing acne and blemishes.

11.  For rosacea

It is part of a total skincare regimen for rosacea. The Gentle skin cleanser is the best fit for this kind of skin sensitivity problem. To handle rosacea, you need to use an ideal face cleanser like the one we described to wash your face or affected part.

Apply a moisturizer for hydration, daily use sunscreen, apply a calming facial serum and add a soothing mask weekly. This should handle it, but you need to see a dermatologist if it persists.

12.  As a shaving cream

The milky cleanser can be used as a shaving cream. It can reduce ingrown hairs and razor bumps. For your beards avoid the exfoliating types, it might leave small beads which get stuck in your beards while washing the face wash off. The daily facial cleanser is preferred, it is strong and can be applied easily.

13.  For Dirt Removal

These cleansers are very effective in removing dirt from the skin, to have a cleaner face use any of the combinations that are most compatible with your skin type.

14.  For makeup removal

It is clinically proven to remove makeup, excess oil, and dirt. No matter how stubborn the makeup is you can trust Gentle skin face wash to remove the makeup without leaving residues.

15.  For dull and dehydrated skin

Can be used by dull and dry skin individuals to achieve adequate cleansing without causing over-dryness.

16.  For dark spots and uneven tone

Specially formulated to reduce dark spots and hyperpigmentation making your skin more radiant. The Healthy Radiance Gentle PHA  Exfoliating Face cleanser works by exfoliating, increasing cell turnover yielding a smooth and radiant complexion reducing dark spots, uneven tones, and hyperpigmentation.  

Product Lines

They have 5 major product lines namely

1.    gentle care

2.    Dermacontrol

3.    Bright healthy radiance

4.    Wipes

5.    Makeup removers

1.    Gentle Care

Gentle foaming cleanser for all skin types

Gentle cleanser

Gentle foaming cleanser

Gentle skin cleanser

Gentle clear clarifying acne cream cleanser

Extra gentle daily scrub

Foaming face wash for redness-prone skin

2.    Healthy Radiance

Healthy radiance gentle PHA exfoliating cleanser

Daily facial cleanser for normal to oily skin

Daily facial cleanser wash for combination to oily sensitive skin

Daily facial cleanser Fragrance-free

3.    Dermacontrol

Dermacontrol oil removing foam wash

Dermacontrol purifying clay mask

4.    Wipes

Gentle makeup-removing wipes

Gentle skin cleansing cloths

5.    Makeup remover

Gentle oil-free makeup remover

Which is the best?

Having the most reviews online we can conclude that the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser is the best. It has an average of 4.6 stars rating from 3000 reviews.

For the face, the daily facial cleanser comes first.


It has various sizes; small medium and travel sizes.


You can get the daily facial from Amazon for as low as $14.50.


Can it be used on Tattoos?

Yes, Cetaphil soap can be used on tattoos to cleanse and keep them clean without skin irritation says Jack Poohvis, a tattoo artist. It is common knowledge that a fresh tattoo requires a gentle and hydrating cleanser like Cetaphil.

Is it safe during pregnancy?

Yes, it is safe in pregnancy and dermatologists recommend it. Its ingredients are gentle and safe for the mother and the fetus.

Can it be used on the body?

Yes, it can be used on the body to achieve the same results of cleansing and removing excess oil and dirt.

Cerave vs Cetaphil which is a better face wash?

Both are similar and equally as effective. For people with dry skin, Cerave can give you quicker results while Cetaphil is best for people who have sensitive skin.

Also, Cerave is the newer brand and its formulated ceramides (3 essential lipids) maintain skin barriers helping to keep debris and pollutants away and lock in moisture. It also has Multivesicular emulsion technology.

These all work together to ensure maximum hydration all day while the other uses glycerine (a humectant) as opposed to ceramide to help retain moisture in the skin.

Cerave face wash has zero fragrance and has quality ingredients like niacinamide and hyaluronic acid while the other may have fragrance and contain vitamins and essential plant oils that keep the skin refreshed. Both products are equally affordable and effective.

Cetaphil vs Nivea face wash

Nivea face wash uses makeup cleansing water from micellar expert technology, unlike Galderma products that utilize gentle skin cleansing formulations.

Both don’t contain allergens, silicons, oil, or harsh chemicals and both are reef safe. Both lack fragrance, paraben, oil, and allergens.

Both are vegan, sulfate, and cruelty-free i.e don’t test on animals.

Both cost around $13.99-$14.99 on Amazon and Walmart.

Nivea is majorly a makeup remover while the other is majorly a skin cleanser that can remove dead skin, oil, dirt, pollutants, and makeup, and unclog skin pores.

While Cetaphil is good for acne-prone skin, Nivea face wash may worsen acne.

Nivea is not frequently associated with skin irritation while the other may irritate the skin in some persons.

How to use Cetaphil facial wash

It can be used in two ways:

1.    With Water:

It is used with water on the face and rinsed off after massaging properly.

2.    Without water:

It is used as a cleansing lotion or milk or a wipe-off cleanser. It is ideal to do this only twice a day, remember to reduce irritation by pat-drying the skin and avoiding the use of a face towel. Outside this precaution above you can use this cleanser every day.

Side effects:

Some side effects associated with the use of these products are:

1. Allergy e.g Rash, Swollen Skin, Hives, Blisters, Itching, Red Skin, etc.

2. Fever

3. Difficulty breathing or swallowing.

4. Swollen mouth and buccal mucosa.

5. Skin irritation

6. Burns


We have considered the Cetaphil face wash review, covering its uses, active ingredients, product lines, and cost. We also compared it with similar products and ended by stating two ways you can use it. We hope this article will help you have the smoother and softer facial skin that you’d come to love.

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